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Vladimir Kornea
Senior Software Engineer / Expert Web Developer
New York City       kornea.com/contact
Career computer programmer with over 15 years of professional experience mainly creating web sites for startups. Frequently handled all technical aspects of web development. Experienced system architect.
· Docker containerization and microservices architecture utilizing AWS Fargate, Lambdas, SQS, SNS
· Object-Oriented PHP 7 and PHP 5 with custom MVC architecture or generic MVC frameworks
· JavaScript with jQuery utilizing hash fragment navigation and AJAX interacting with JSON APIs
· MySQL (Normalization, Optimization, Administration, SQL injection prevention)
· git, DevOps with continuous or frequent integration and deployment (CI/CD), entire SDLC
· Cross-Browser (IE7+) HTML and CSS, HTML5, CSS3
· System Administration: Linux, DNS, Apache httpd, SSL/certbot, cron, basic shell scripting
· System Architecture
· User Interface Design and User Experience Design (UI & UX)
· Dealt with many systems, APIs, libraries, frameworks, design patterns, PM tools, and IDEs
· Experience with Python and Java
Senior Software Engineer
New York • Aug 20th 2018 to Dec 31st 2019
Microservices Architecture, Docker Containerization, AWS (ECS Fargate, Lambdas, SQS, SNS), PHP, WordPress, Python, Java, Clickability Velocity, Agile Methodology
Senior Software Engineer
New York • 2001 to present
Dating site based on Myers-Briggs personality theory. Features a keyword matching system which allows searching for people by shared interests and values. Created in 2001. Rewritten in PHP 7 and migrated to AWS (EC2, SES, SQS, SNS) in 2017. LAMP (custom MVC), jQuery AJAX, git.
Senior Software Engineer
New York • 2016
Unmoderated discussion mailing list for intellectuals. Interacts with AWS SES (Simple Email Service), parses received emails from source code, rewrites emails for re-sending, handles bounces, and properly uses DNS records and other methods to get around spam filters. LAMP (PHP 7, custom MVC), jQuery AJAX, git.
Senior Software Engineer
New York • Feb. 2013 to June 2015
Remote work. Primary programmer, the other two tech team members were the sysadmin and the project manager. Transcript Associates clients upload enormous video files to be transcribed, often larger than browser upload limits. I created an advanced cross-browser uploader (IE9+ and all evergreen browsers) which lets clients upload any number of files of any size, interrupt uploads and later resume them, as well as submit multiple new jobs in parallel. Also comprehensively refactored Transcript Associates system—implemented a custom MVC framework, switched from MooTools to jQuery, eliminated numerous bugs, and produced admin tools such as a sophisticated Request Work page for transcribers and a robust new Users administration page. LAMP (PHP 5, custom MVC), jQuery AJAX, git.
Senior Web Developer
New York • July to Nov. 2012
Senior programmer and mentor on a team of 6 programmers. This was a startup, and when the CEO failed to acquire a second round of funding when expected, they had to let go all programmers in hopes of keeping their doors open as long as they could. When I left, the CTO spontaneously volunteered the opinion that I am a great programmer, citing my good judgment in speaking out against using Doctrine when I first joined the team, saying that's exactly the kind of judgment they need. LAMP (PHP 5, Zend), jQuery, git.
Senior Web Developer
New York • August 2011 to July 2012
Senior team member on a team of 5 to 7 programmers. Their store was written in Flash, I rewrote it from scratch in LAMP using custom MVC architecture, jQuery AJAX, git.
Web Developer
New York • July 2010 to August 2011
The owner and sysadmin had designed the system in the abstract and then hired me to write the code. When it was done, he volunteered the opinion that I am a great programmer. LAMP (CakePHP), jQuery, git.
Web Developer
New York • June 2006 to June 2009
Regular team member on a team of 5 to 8 programmers. Delivery.com adds restaurant menus to its web interface and sends faxes to restaurants with orders. Conceived and created the first version of the DB class to facilitate DB interactions. Created an automated system programmatically calling Google AdWords API to create new ad campaigns targeted by both keyword and geography as we relentlessly expanded into new cities (our use case was more complex than Google's system was designed to accommodate at the time, so part of this was programmatically managing multiple AdWords accounts). LAMP (Zend), JavaScript, svn.
Part-Time Web Developer
New York • 1998 to 2007
I was the only web developer, working mostly remotely. Mostly HTML and CSS work, eventually wrote them a custom store utilizing the LAMP stack.
Bachelors of Technology in Computer Science, Globe Institute of Technology, New York, 2002
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